Reiki Treatment

Andromeda Healing

Andromeda healing 

​Andromeda is the up-to-date modality for the modern-day Healer.

Take the best, most authentic, ancient healing practices and combine them with the latest in quantum and atomic-age scientific principles and you have Andromeda Healing!

This course is suitable for you if you wish to become an energy healing practitioner in just two days. There are no attunements or symbols, this is a skill to be learned.

Andromeda Healing Levels 1 & 2

Benefits of Andromeda Healing

Benefits to the Recipient

  • Andromeda is a treatment which is readily and easily received

  • The treatment is given fully-clothed

  • Treatment can be given anywhere without the need for a massage table, or treatment room

  • No force is used, even when realigning posture

  • You play an active part in the treatment, in effect regaining control of the healing process

Benefits to the Practitioner

  • Andromeda is a treatment which is easy to give

  • Suitable for complete beginners to energy healing

  • The client helps you to give the treatment, guiding you at every step

  • You are also receiving a healing with each treatment

  • It can be done anywhere and is quick and effective!

Level 2 develops the knowledge and skills acquired at Level 1 to offer even more effective treatments as a Practitioner.

Need to know...

  • Course pre-requisites: None

  • Course length – 2 days

  • Case studies: 10 treatments between Level 1 and Level 2

  •  CPD points: 36 (Level 1 - 18, Level 2 - 18)

  • Cost: £250 (booking fee £70, balance £180 )

  • Accreditation: Guild of Holistic Therapists, CMA, IPHM, Professional Beauty

This is just one of our professional holistic therapy training courses. Contact us to learn more.


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