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Mindfulness Home Study Diploma course

Learn Mindfulness techniques for yourself and to teach your clients so that they can reduce stress and have a more mindful lifestyle.

Mindfulness Home Study Diploma course

What you'll learn...

Lesson 1

  • What is Mindfulness?    

  • History of Mindfulness   

  • Benefits of Mindfulness             

Lesson 2

  • Every day Mindfulness               

  • Using the senses                       

  • Mindfulness tools and techniques

    • Mindful Breathing                     

    • Body scan and Muscle Relaxation                       

    • Mindful Meditation                               

    • Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Visualisation     


Lesson 3

  • Mindfulness tools and techniques continued:

    • Mindful Eating                          

    • Mindful Movement                                

    • Creative Mindfulness exercises               


Lesson 4                       

  • Professionalism                                                                              

  • Consultation process                      

Need to know...

  • Study type: home study at your own pace - no start date or time limit.

  • Course pre-requisites: none

  • Course cost: £125 - on sale at £100 for a limited time!

  • Accreditation: IGCT 


Also available as an in-person course.

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