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5 good reasons for Facial Massage

  1. Looking good starts with great skin; Facial Rejuvenation Massage can help your clients achieve this.

  2. During the treatment, the gentle massage relaxes and releases the tiny taut muscles of facial expression. Nerve endings are soothed. The complexion will look smoother, brighter and more relaxed.

  3. Emotionally, layers of tension are lifted away, leaving your client truly relaxed and floating on air.

  4. This facial treatment uses technique rather than expensive products to achieve fantastic results.

  5. It is also a useful treatment to offer to clients who may be contra-indicated for full body treatments.

Amethyst Facial Rejuvenation Massage includes:

  1. a facial cleanse

  2. visualisation to connect with your client and help her relax

  3. pressure point stimulation to clear energy channels

  4. massage of chest, shoulders, neck and face to soothe nerve endings and relax muscles, improve circulation and texture of the skin

  5. sinus and lymph drainage techniques to remove waste products and assist in healing

With all this going for it, can you afford not to add Facial Rejuvenation Massage to your treatment menu?

Available at:

Contact us for other dates or contact your tutor direct.

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