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Crystal Facial - treatment of the month


The Crystal Facial is a treatment of the purest energies for mind, body and soul. We use rose essential oil, rosehip oil and rosewater to nourish the skin. We then combine facial massage with rose quartz crystal wands to stimulate cell renewal, heal and re-energise the skin while promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

The Crystal Facial includes:

  • Placing of crystal tumblestones

  • Double cleanse using a mild cleanser

  • Toning with rose water

  • Very gentle exfoliation

  • Aromatic hot towels

  • Rose mask

  • Chakra balance during mask application

  • Aromatic hot towels

  • Facial massage using pure rose hip oil, rose essential oil and rose quartz crystal massage wands to refresh and energise.

We use rose quartz and rose facial products in training but once your training in Crystal Facial is complete, you can use crystals and products of your own choice; for example: amethyst and lavender, jade and geranium, citrine and neroli.

Amethyst offers courses in Crystal Facial at the following venues:

Full course objectives can be seen here

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