Discount on home study courses!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Our home study course list is growing and we currently have £25 discount on each course!

If you're looking for a new treatment to learn during lockdown, here's what we have available...

Anatomy & Physiology

It's an ideal time to learn A&P while we're in lockdown - all set to do a massage course once restrictions are lifted.

Aromatherapy Facial

A beautiful facial using essential oils picked specially for your client - a facial qualification is required.

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy Massage

Learn how to use essential oils in your Pregnancy Massage treatment. (pre-requisites apply, see the course page)

Create Aromatherapy Products

Learn how to create aromatherapy products for your clients, the public and family/friends - including lip balms, face creams, body bars, candles, room sprays, bath bombs and more.

Essential Oil Blending

Are you a massage therapist who would like to add in the extra element of essential oils to your treatments? This course is for you.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy (no massage included)

Ideal for midwives and any student who has an interest in essential oil use during pregnancy but does not want to offer pregnancy massage.

Hand Reflexology

This course is for students who are already qualified in Foot Reflexology

Meditation Teacher

Learn how to run small meditation groups and offer 1:1 meditation sessions for your clients. A guided audio meditation is included with each lesson.

Pre-Blended Essential Oils

Want to add essential oils to your treatments? Take our course in using Pre-blended Essential Oils and add a new dimension to your treatments. (pre-requisites apply, see the course page)

Coming soon...

Chakra Healing

Crystal Healing

Hand Reflexology for those without foot Reflexology experience

Just click on the course title to go to the course page or Contact us to learn more...

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