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Incredible Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on traditional Indian massage techniques. An excellent stress buster, both relaxing and uplifting, it is good for clearing the head and easing tense shoulders.

Great for office workers, Indian Head Massage can be done without oil through light clothing, so is perfect for corporate work or demos at Mind, Body & Spirit fairs.

Alternatively, you can deliver a longer treatment using oils for a truly relaxing experience for your client in the salon.

The benefits of even a 15 minute head massage are far reaching:

Boosts circulation

Relaxes tense and contracted muscles

Reduces pain and fatigue


Reduction of blood pressure and pulse rate


Can help relieve symptoms of stress

Our Indian Head Massage course is available at most venues; courses coming up are at Isle of Wight 1 Oct, Newcastle 12 Oct but please get in touch for dates at your venue!

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