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May newsletter

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I hope you and yours are all keeping well. Like all of you, I'm hoping that there will be some news this Sunday about how we might start to reopen for business.  With this subject in mind, the Beauty Guild have released a course on getting your salon/therapy business ready for reopening - see below.  As well as course news, I share some resources for self care below. Course news Many of us are wondering when we can get back to work - the short answer is we still don't know. Until the government gives beauty salons and massage therapists the go ahead and advice on how to work safely, we remain closed whether it's for teaching or treatments. To help us prepare for re-opening, the Beauty Guild has a course, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control. This is an online course which takes you through everything you need to consider and the possible changes you will need to implement prior to re-opening to the public. On completion, a downloadable template is provided for you to create your own Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control Policy which you can display on your website and send to your clients. The course is available free of charge for all current Full and Associate Beauty Guild members. To enrol, go to the course details page and click on the “Enrol Now” button. You will not be charged if your membership is current. Once you have completed the course you can download the certificate, and/or order a printed certificate to be mailed to you. GTi Student members and non-Guild members can enrol on the course for £20 inc VAT. Each student who enrols will receive a £20 voucher which they can use when they upgrade their Guild membership to either Full or Associate level. Other course news and offers As announced in previous newsletters our Anatomy & Physiology course is still on offer during lockdown - reduced from £125 to £99. Use the code SPRINGSALE at the checkout. Our Beauty Guild GTi online courses are all still reduced by £10 so you can study from as little as £37. Use the code ONLINE10 at the checkout. ALSO ON OFFER! In case you missed it and at the risk of repeating myself, a new offer for those of you interested in studying our full Aromatherapy course - get a head start and take the online GTi Aromatherapy using Pre-blended Oils. When you enrol for your full in-person course with your tutor, pay only the balance.  The GTi Aromatherapy course describes all the characteristics of the essential oils and carrier oils as well as describing how you can incorporate aromatherapy into your massage treatments. More details via the link above. (A body massage qualification is required). Self care resources Meditation and Mindfulness Another meditation app, or set of apps, I have found extremely useful is anything fromAndrew Johnson. First recommended to me by the physio at the hospital when I was attending a course on how to manage my CFS/ME, Relax+ and Power Nap have become two of my 'go to' relaxation apps. Some are free so you can try them out first, download on your iPhone or Android.  Self care Courtney Carver from Be More With Less has excellent resources on how to 'simplify your life and infuse it with love' . I love her straightforward message, that simplifying our lives - whether that's decluttering, having a minimal wardrobe or working less hours - gives us the space and time to remember who we really are.   Creativity I've been recommending creative outlets because I am an artist but also because it's proven that creative activity can help us relax and be more mindful. When I'm painting or drawing, I am in flow state or in the moment. It's a type of meditation. This is another form of self care which is easily accessed - just use what you already have at home, no need to buy fancy materials.  This week's recommendation is Artist Este MacLeod. She has a free five-day art course with simple instructions - limited art materials required. Do it yourself or use it with your kids for some relaxing, creative time while at home.

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