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Vetivert - Essential oil of the month

Vetivert is an oil I have come to love. Sometimes known as the ‘oil of tranquillity’, it is often used for meditation and has supremely relaxing properties. Its earthy, warm aroma is not liked by everyone – including me at first, which is why I said that I have come to love it.

Vetivert is grounding and strengthening, but also uplifting. Working on the yellow ray, this oil works through the solar plexus encouraging self confidence, centredness and wisdom. Use it for clients who live in their head to bring them back down to earth and to reconnect with their physical self or those suffering from nervous exhaustion. Vetivert blends well with top notes of citrus and any of the herby or floral middle notes.

Learn more about our Aromatherapy Diploma course or if a meditation interest has brought you here, you can find our Meditation Teacher course (just click on the course name to go to the course page).

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