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Aromatherapy Diploma

Aromatherapy Diploma


3.5 day Aromatherapy Diploma


Aromatherapy is a wonderful, nourishing experience; it is a powerful therapeutic treatment which combines the essential oils of plants with massage.​​


Our diploma course teaches knowledge of 30 essential oils and how to blend them for safe use in an Aromatherapy Treatment.


Pay a booking fee of £100.

The balance of £375 is paid to your tutor.

Total price £475

See below for course information.

  • Course structure

    This 3.5 day course comprises:

    Two days to learn theory, the routine and practice technique

    One day to review theory and technique + time for practice

    ​20 hours of case studies.

    ​Half a day for assessment.

  • Course objectives

    History and benefits of Aromatherapy

    Health & Safety, COSHH 

    Consultation procedure


    Contra-actions and aftercare advice

    Carrier oils

    Knowledge and safe use of 30 essential oils

    Blending of essential oils

    Use of essential oils in pregnancy

    The Aromatherapy treatment 

    Other methods of using essential oils 

    Anatomy & physiology specific to Aromatherapy 

  • Need to know

    Course pre-requisites: a Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

    Asessment: observation, written questions, 20 case studies.

    ​What's included? All products and equipment supplied on the day, PDF comprehensive course manual, PDF accredited certificate.

    Kit: You will need a kit of 30 essential oils + a selection of carrier oils for your case studies; ask us for recommended suppliers.

    Cost: £475 (booking fee of £100, tutor fee £375)

    Special offer - A&P + Aromatherapy - £550

    Accreditation: Beauty Guild, IGHT. 

  • Terms & Conditions

    Please read FULL T&C's.

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