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for Holistic Therapists

One day Stress Management for Holistic Therapists

On this one day course, learn Stress Management Techniques for your clients. 

Find out exactly what stress is, how the stress response affects our body and well-being, how we can help our clients reduce stress and manage stress related symptoms with different techniques and holistic therapies.

Stress Management Diploma course

What you'll learn...

  • What is stress?  

  • Symptoms of stress       

  • The physiology of the stress response    

  • Long term effects of stress         

  • How to help your client reduce or manage stress using:

    • Exercise

    • Breathing

    • Relaxation

    • Meditation

    • Mindfulness

    • Yoga

    • Holistic therapies          

  • The Holistic approach    

  • Creating a treatment plan         

  • When to refer to a specialist      

  • Your working environment            

  • The Consultation process           

Need to know...

  • Course pre-requisites: an holistic therapy qualification 

  • Accreditation: IGCT 

  • Assessment: Observation, short written assessment.

  • What's included? Everything you need is supplied on the day, PDF comprehensive course manual, PDF accredited certificate.

  • Cost:

    • £150 (booking fee £40, balance £110)

Also available as a home study course.

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