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Advanced massage courses

Looking for CPD courses or to extend the range of options for your massage therapy treatment menu?

Our new Deep Tissue Massage course is now available at our Doncaster and West Sussex venues (both re-opening from 1st April). Places available on the course on 6th April and 7th May at Doncaster.

For specific injuries or aches/pains, the therapist can use Deep Tissue Massage to explore the soft tissues and problem areas in order to treat them very accurately. This treatment is not just a firm massage where you apply more pressure, but instead consists of different techniques that allow the therapist to work beyond the superficial muscles, usually in a specific area.

If a muscle has been injured or is holding tension, due to poor posture, stress or illness, adhesions can form. Adhesions are bands of painful, rigid tissue which can form in muscles, the tendons or ligaments and can lead to poor blood flow to the area as well as limitation of movement, leading to pain. The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to release the muscle fibres that have become “stuck”, in order to remove toxins and to encourage blood to circulate again.

Deep Tissue Massage has many benefits:

  • Improves blood flow to muscles

  • Breaks down and reduces adhesions or 'knots' in the muscles

  • Can aim to improve postural faults

  • Can relieve muscle spasm and tension

  • Improves the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to muscles

  • Reduces stress on other muscle groups which may be overcompensating for the problem area

  • Loosens the fascia of the muscle.

  • Increases the range of motion (ROM) in joints

You need to be a qualified massage therapist to enrol on this course. Please contact us for more details or contact your tutor direct.

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