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Make your own Aromatherapy Products

Do you love essential oils? Bit of a product junkie too?

Why not create your own Aromatherapy Products? Either for home use to give as gifts to friends, or to sell commercially - this course is for you.

We will teach you all about Aromatherapy, essential oils - which are safe and for what - and how to add them to gorgeous natural raw ingredients to create your own lip balms, massage bars, soap, candles and more.

We have had some great feedback for this course:

This course is so enjoyable and I love how in depth it is. It deserves to be more than a short course as it involves so much more than question and answer. It's going to be a great reference when I'm making products. Julie

I have completed five training courses with Amethyst now and each one has been excellent. The most recent, Create Aromatherapy Products, I just loved. I could complete at my own pace with excellent reading materials and assessments. Rachel gave me excellent feedback, which was promptly received and full of praise and encouragement. Making the final products was fabulous.


DM us or visit the course page to find out more.

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