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Winter warmers for the salon

If you're looking for warming winter treatments for your clients this season, we have just the thing...

Hot Stone Therapy and Warm Bamboo Massage are perfect treatments for warming, healing and nourishing.

An American massage therapist, Mary Nelson, was the founder of the original hot stone therapy which she called 'LaStone'. Mary wanted to continue her therapy practice while easing her stiff and painful wrist joints. Using the stones to massage achieved this goal, while also enhancing the massage treatment. Use of the stones is much more than a tool for the therapist; the warmth of the stones is truly comforting and they connect us with Mother Earth, grounding our vibrations.

Warm Bamboo Massage also provides a  massage which is especially beneficial to muscle tissue while keeping the therapist  safe from risk of injury to the joints. The Bamboo sticks retain heat and gives this extra dimension to the massage treatment.  Heat will help to relax tense muscles and increase circulation when applied to the body.  

One of the pioneers of the Warm Bamboo massage is a Thai massage therapist called Nathalie Cecilia living in Florida, USA. She says:

‘I was using a long bamboo pole to keep my balance when walking on my clients’ back during a Thai Massage. As I was working on this gentleman in a sitting position, my eyes caught the two bamboo poles I used for the back walking. I had the idea to use one of the poles for tapotement on his upper trapezius. I stood about six feet from him, tapping on his shoulders with this long stick, and he told me it felt really great.’

Nathalie began developing new ways to integrate bamboo sticks into her practice, using sticks of varying lengths and created what she calls Bamboo-Fusion massage.

The course pre-requisite for both courses is a qualification in body massage eg Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy or Holistic Massage.

Please contact us for more details or if dates are not advertised for your venue.

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