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Learn how to run Meditation groups

If you love Meditation, why not share your skills?

Learn how to run your own Meditation group with our Meditation Teacher home study course.

The course consists of 6 lessons. Each lesson has a PDF booklet to read through and questions to answer. With each lesson, you will receive an audio meditation to listen to during the week of that lesson. You are asked to keep a meditation journal to record your findings and feelings as you go through the course. The lessons are:

  1. Introduction and Benefits, the Monkey Mind, Meditation and Mindfulness.

  2. Creating Sacred Space for Meditation

  3. The Chakras and the Aura

  4. Teaching and Professionalism

  5. The Meditations. Assessment for this lesson is done by Beta testing your teaching techniques on family and friends.

If you prefer in person training, the Meditation Teacher Course is available at the following venues:

Contact us to find out more!

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