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Create a vision board

If you haven't created one already this year, April is a perfect time to create a vision board for 2024. This helps you to envision and manifest your goals whether they are personal or for your business.

It's such a great way to manifest what you want to come into your life. And if you don't know what you want, it doesn't matter because the Universe does and will point it out to you via the images you flick through.


Gather magazines (preferably different types eg holistic business, yoga, lifestyle, home, parenting, etc); a large piece of card (A3 if possible ie 2xA4); a glue stick, scissors.

Take a few minutes to consider your aspirations for 2024. Set the intention that you are creating a vision board with all your goals, wishes and aspirations for the year. When you choose your pictures, they will be in alignment with your intent.

Go through the magazines and tear out images and words or phrases that call out to you - don’t censor yourself and don’t take too long to do this. Set yourself a time limit - 30/45 minutes max.

Once you have a pile of images and words/phrases, choose your favourites.

Arrange your images and words/phrases on the board.

If you want to make it even more powerful, include a picture of yourself in the middle.

Glue down your pictures and phrases/words. I have to cut mine out but you can leave them with torn edges.

If you're not a magazine buyer, you can create your Vision Board on Pinterest. Setting a time limit on Pinterest is especially important as you can quickly lose track of time on there! I've saved a few examples for you in my folder 'Vision boards'. The one below is one of mine.

Once complete, place the vision board somewhere you will see it every day, several times a day so that you are reminded of your vision for 2024. If you've made a digital version on Pinterest, you might want to print it out or save as your wallpaper on your phone, laptop or iPad.

You can use Vision boards as a tool for Mindfulness or Stress Management too. Check out our home study courses in these by clicking on the course name.

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