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Today is World Sleep Day 😴

Lots of us, including me, struggle to have a good night's sleep.

Here are my favourite essential oils for a better night’s sleep 🌿

If you are not a trained Aromatherapist, blend any of the oils below by adding 2 drops of essential oil in 5mls of carrier oil. You can massage the blend into your neck and shoulders or add it to your bath. Alternatively, add a couple of drops to your vaporiser.

Sweet Marjoram - if racing thoughts are keeping you awake, Marjoram should help to quieten down your mind.

Lavender - this oil is a favourite for many sleep products. Use sparingly as too much Lavender oil will have the opposite effect and keep you awake!

Clary Sage - perfect if you’re feeling emotional and low - NOTE! do not use when pregnant.

Frankincense- very calming and soothing - this oil helps you unwind and calms the nervous system 🌿

Roman Camomile - a lovely oil for those of you suffering stress and anxiety, also excellent for relief of menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and insomnia.

Patchouli - use one drop only as Patchouli is highly odiferous. Patchouli is grounding and calming.

There are lots of other oils you could use, these are just a few recommendations.

Learn safe use and how to blend bespoke oils for your clients on our Aromatherapy Diploma course. Dates coming up at our North Yorkshire venue 27/28 March. Contact us for dates at other venues.

Or learn how to use essential oils to make sleepy time products such as massage oil, balms, bath bombs, room sprays and candles on our create Aromatherapy Products course.

Sleep well!

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