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Mindfulness Coach Home Study course

Mindfulness Coach Home Study course


Using Mindfulness techniques can help us to move out of old patterns of thinking leading to lower stress levels and improved levels of satisfaction with our lives. ​


Learn Mindfulness techniques to teach your clients so that they can reduce stress and have a more mindful lifestyle.


Cost - £100

  • Course objectives

    Lesson 1

    • What is Mindfulness?    
    • History of Mindfulness   
    • Benefits of Mindfulness             

    ​​Lesson 2

    • Every day Mindfulness               
    • Using the senses                       
    • Mindfulness tools and techniques
    • Mindful Breathing                     
    • Body scan and Muscle Relaxation
    • Mindful Meditation
    • Loving Kindness Meditation
    • Visualisation     

    Lesson 3

    • Mindfulness tools and techniques continued:
    • Mindful Eating                          
    • Mindful Movement
    • Creative Mindfulness exercises

    Lesson 4                       

    • Professionalism
    • Consultation process             
  • Need to know

    Study type: home study at your own pace - no start date or time limit.

    Course pre-requisites: none

    Course cost: £125 - on sale at £100 for a limited time!

    Accreditation: IGCT 


    Also available as an in-person course.

  • Progression

  • Terms & Conditions

    Always read full Terms & Conditions

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