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Relaxing, rejuvenating Reflexology

It’s World Reflexology Week 👣👣👣

Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet (or hands) are a map of the entire body, so that when the reflex points are stimulated, the therapist is treating the whole body not just the foot. Reflexology works by stimulating the body's own healing mechanisms in order to restore balance and a feeling of well being.​

Reflexology has many benefits; it can help reduce stress, improve circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and revitalise energy levels.


  • Balances energy

  • Increases circulation

  • Boosts immunity

  • Eases pain

  • Soothes nerve endings and emotions

  • Relieves tension and stress

  • Improves sleep

  • Is deeply relaxing

  • Restores a sense of well being

Learn this wonderful treatment with our experienced tutors. We have a course starting on 5 November at our Tyne & Wear venue. You can find course details here.

Please contact us if you would like to join this course (Anatomy & Physiology qualification a requirement).

For those of you already trained in Reflexology of the feet, we have a one day Hand Reflexology course. Or if starting from scratch, a 3.5 day course (A&P a prerequisite) available at Tyne & Wear or South Yorkshire

Foot Reflexology training is also available at:

Check our Instagram or @amethystholistictraining and Facebook for posts about Reflexology all of this week!

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