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Spotlight on Beauty

It’s September, children are back to school, teenagers to college or uni – is it time to think about your own training needs for this autumn?

We usually feature our individual holistic treatments, but I thought it was time for the beauty treatments to shine.

Perhaps you’re an holistic therapist looking to add one or two beauty treatments to your menu. It's very common for those of us who are mainly holistically inclined to offer a little bit of beauty alongside our massage and aromatherapy.

If you think a Facial treatment is all about beauty, think again. This is a fabulous way of delivering a truly pampering hour for your clients. Some people say it is even more relaxing than a full body massage. If Holistic Facial or Beauty Facial isn't on your treatment menu, it should be! We also offer the Crystal Facial for those of you already trained in facial treatments.

Beauty treatments can still be pampering and holistic; offering a deluxe Manicure or pedicure in a relaxing, beautiful setting gives your client another opportunity to cherish and look after herself. These treatments are not just about nail polish - a hand or foot massage is an important part of these treatments and is truly nourishing. When combined with organic or luxury products, it's a wonderful 'me time' session for your client.

As we start the run up to Christmas and the party season, make sure your clients look their best with an Inch Loss Body Wrap treatment or a great tan - we offer Manual Tanning and Spray Tanning courses.

For those of you who are all about the brows, we've got a selection of courses including the new Henna Brows course from Beauty Guild GTi.

Maybe you're a beauty girl through and through or all about the lashes, perhaps you are just starting out on your therapist career – it doesn’t matter – our courses are suitable for beginners or experienced therapists.

And if you're already qualified but need CPD points for your professional register, we offer those too.

For more info on any of the courses listed, just click on the links. Or you can contact us

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