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Stress Management for Holistic Therapists

We're always talking about stress: I'm so stressed, he stresses me out, my life is so stressful. But what is stress? How can we have less stress? and how can we help our clients manage their stress related symptoms?

and find out exactly what stress is, how it creates chronic health problems and how, as holistic therapists, we can make a difference for our clients.

The course takes a look at the physiology of stress, the effects of long term stress, plus practical, very doable, exercises to help your client. You will learn how to create a holistic treatment plan which includes stress management techniques and when to refer to a specialist.

Initially, the course will be available at:

Cumbria opening for in person training from 12th April

Newcastle Holistic first date for this course (in person training) is 30th April, remote learning also available - please ask for dates

North West (Bolton) - remote learning only

South Wales reopening date coming soon

Stockton-on-Tees reopening date coming soon

The course is aimed at holistic therapists and you will need a qualification in an holistic therapy eg Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage etc plus the relevant A&P. If you don't have a qualification in A&P, you have an option to study the two relevant units - contact us to book this option or see the course page for details.

Also available as a home study course if you can't get to a venue.

Learn how you can make a real difference in your client's lives; build a treatment programme that includes holistic therapies and stress management techniques.

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