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Aromatherapy Products Home study course + kit

Aromatherapy Products Home study course + kit


Learn to create Aromatherapy products such as lip balm, soap, bath oils, candles and bath bombs. This course covers all relevant legislation for your business too.

Course details below.


Price : £150 

  • Course objectives

    Lesson 1: Principles, History and Benefits of Aromatherapy

    Lesson 2: Essential Oil Theory

    Lesson 3: Raw materials (including vegetable oils, clays, waxes etc)

    Lesson 4: Legal Requirements

    Lesson 5: Choosing your Essential Oils

    Lesson 6: the Recipes (including body products, bath products and home products

  • Need to know

    Study type: home study at your own pace - no start date or time limit.

    Course pre-requisites: none

    Course cost: £150 including kit (P&P included)

    Accreditation: IGCT 

    Kit includes: ingredients, containers and moulds to make 2 large or 3 small soap bars, 1 body bar, 3+ bathbombs of various sizes, 1 jar of body butter, 1 jar of cream deodorant, 2 tins of lip balm, plus dried flowers, extra jars and sundries.

  • Reviews

    I have studied several courses in person with Amethyst; the last two have been distance learning: Physiology and Anatomy, and then Aromatherapy Products.

    The most recent, Aromatherapy Products, I just loved. I could complete at my own pace with excellent reading materials and assessments. Rachel gave me excellent feedback, which was promptly received and full of praise and encouragement. Making the final products was fabulous.

    Thank you, Rachel, can’t wait to see what I can do next! Xx


    What a brilliant course.  It encompasses everything I wanted to make 'potions' in a safe way.  The units and answers to all the questions are a great manual to keep for future reference.



  • Progression

  • Terms & Conditions

    Always read full Terms & Conditions

  • Kit contents

    Lavender essential oil 10ml x 1

    Sweet Orange 10ml x 1

    Lemon essential oil 10ml x 1

    Sweet Almond oil 1 x 100ml

    Melt and Pour soap base x 200g

    Coconut oil x 100g

    Beeswax pellets 40g

    Shea Butter x 45g

    Bicarbonate of soda 300g

    Citric acid 100g

    Arrowroot x 45g

    Reusable Soap mould x 1

    Reusable Bath bomb moulds x 3 (S/M/L)

    Reusable Ice cube tray x 1

    50g glass jars x 3

    15ml aluminium tins x 2

    Plus extras as available eg plastic bottle + diffuser spray cap

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