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April news

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.

I had a break from the computer last week. Partly because of overwhelm and partly a feeling of just needing to get away from everything. I got out in the garden to tidy up while the sun was shining, I did some yoga, some meditation, read books and started knitting for my first grandchild (due mid July)!

This week, I'm still going to be doing all of those things but in addition I'll also be spending some time at my desk:

1. To keep in contact with you

2. To make a start on writing some new courses - starting with Aromatherapy Products, Hand Reflexology and Mindfulness - that should keep me going for a while! If there are courses you would like us to offer in future, do let me know and I'll see what we can do.

3. To look at possibly offering online courses? Would you be interested in this option? Are you all desperate to have something to do? Or to use this time at home as an opportunity to study? Please let me know - they would be accredited but not by the Beauty Guild. Let me know what you think.

I'm sure you're entirely sick of hearing about how to stay safe and Covid-19, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite places online to look after ourselves while we're at home:

Self care - on Wednesday I'm treating myself to an online tutorial in Dien Chan Zone ® - a deeply relaxing, facial reflexology system - with Julie Carr from F:Blend Holistic

I'll report back in the next email, in the meantime, take a look 😊

Retail + self care - Catherine, our holistic tutor in North Shields, has created a new soap especially for now - delicious, hard working, antibacterial Hemp oil & Tea Tree & Peppermint Soap! The Best Boost for your Immune System while cleansing your hands!

Creativity - making something, drawing, baking - is a great way to relieve boredom and stress - have you heard of Skillshare? You can access hundreds of creative courses for free! Take a look!

Meditation and Mindfulness - if you're new to meditation, or don't know where to start with the many apps out there - my favourite is Headspace In the normal course of events, you can try it for free but just now they are also offering a series of meditations to help cope with overwhelm in the current situation. Click the link to find out more. Other meditation apps coming soon...

Yoga - if classes are cancelled I can recommend Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.

Social Media - I'm finding FB a trial at the moment - there's lots of positive stuff but there's also a lot of negativity so I just dip in and out; I am sharing posts occasionally on the Amethyst page and on my own personal page but I prefer Instagram and I'm going to join in with Susannah Conway's April Love over there. Join in if you're on IG and please follow Amethyst!

Remember, please let me know regarding online courses even if you're just remotely interested - it gives me an idea of our possible audience. And if you have ideas for future in person courses, let me know.


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