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Holistic Honey - the sweetest Facial

Recently we bought honey from a local supplier. It feels good to support local beekeepers and their bees! Plus when you spend your money locally with small businesses at least half of your money is circulated back into the local economy.

The honey is delicious on toast but I also plan to use it in Holistic Facials

Much as I love all my facial products, I love to create my own and use natural ingredients where possible. So splurge on good honey; it's naturally antibacterial and has antioxidant properties, which makes it great as an ingredient for your clients with acne but gentle enough to use for clients with sensitive skin too. Great for all skin types, honey is a natural humectant (which means it draws moisture to your skin from the air) but also helps to break down excess oil.

Just apply to the skin instead of your usual facial mask or add to clay ingredients to create a bespoke product for your client. You can learn more about this on our Aromatherapy Facial course.

Holistic or Aromatherapy Facial is a fantastic addition to your treatment menu. Not only does it improve skin condition; your client's complexion will look smoother, brighter and more relaxed.  Emotionally, layers of tension are lifted away, leaving her truly relaxed and floating on air. 

Our Holistic Facial course is available at most venues. If dates are not advertised for your venue, please get in touch.

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