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Relax and revitalise with Chakra Healing

Interested in healing, reiki and all things spiritual?

Are you looking for a new treatment that will relax and heal your clients?

Or maybe looking for a healing treatment you can add in to others to create a bespoke offering for your clients?

Our Chakra Healing treatment could be what you're looking for...

Chakra Healing relies on the belief that a person is a complex interaction of energy. It focuses on removing energy imbalances or blocks from the subtle energies of the body usually known as the aura.

Join our Chakra Healing course and learn different methods to re-energise and balance the chakras, how to give an aura cleanse and chakra balance treatment using crystal wands and a pendulum. You will also learn about crystals and essential oils for the chakras, colour breathing and chakra meditation.

Healing Methods covered in the course:

  • Meditation

  • Colour Breathing

  • Using crystals as part of your treatment or for self treatment, giving your client a crystal/s

  • Using essential oils as part of your treatment, in a vapouriser or advising on oils to use at home, giving your client a blend to use at home (if qualified to do so).

  • Aura cleanse using a wand or wands

  • Chakra Balance using a pendulum.

You can use any of the above separately or in any combination to create a treatment for your client. For example, combining meditation, aura cleanse and chakra balance to make one Chakra Healing treatment or meditation, use of essential oils and chakra balance. The choice and combination will depend on what your client needs on the day.

Available at...

Please contact us for dates

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