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Using renewables in the salon

Are you still using disposables to remove your facial products? Either in the salon or at home?

I’ve become very conscious of waste and the need to reuse and recycle both at home and in the salon.

For my home cleansing routine, I’ve switched from cotton wool pads to a hot cloth cleanser removed with a washable muslin cloth and I'm using these washable bamboo pads for removing eye makeup.

I would highly recommend the Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm as a hot cloth cleanser. This is a fantastic multi purpose product - you can use it as a cleanser, massage and moisturiser.

For facial clients, I'm also using the washable bamboo pads for eyes. Plus I've always used washable natural sponges to remove cleanser, exfoliator and mask products.

More on this soon and #plasticfree 🌼 it’s such an important issue 🌼

What changes have you made or are planning to make? I'd love to hear from you!

ps the sponges came from a high street discounter, the bamboo pads from Amazon and the muslin cloth with the Wild Rose Beauty Balm.

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