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Winter Warming treatments

The temperatures are dropping and Autumn is definitely here. Now is the time to grow your treatment menu with some cosy, warming treatments for your clients.

When we add heat to a treatment, we see the following benefits:

An increased feeling of relaxation which leads to relaxation of muscles that are already tense or in pain leading to a more effective treatment.

Reduction of stress/anxiety for your client.

The client feels extremely relaxed, cared for and nourished.

Try the following:

1. Using a heated blanket underneath the couch cover - this immediately relaxes your client.

2. Facial massage using warm oil - instead of using your massage oil straight from the bottle, try warming it in a small bowl over a heat pad or your radiator. It should be warm not hot. Try Jojoba oil for combination skin, eczema, acne or psoriasis; Avocado oil blended with Sweet Almond for prematurely ageing skin; or Grapeseed oil for oily/combination skin.

3. Body massage using warm oil - as above!

4. Or try learning a new treatment to offer your clients:

Thai Herbal Compress Massage, or Luk Pra Ko, is unique as it allows you to provide aromatherapy, heat therapy and massage therapy all at the same time. Available at North Yorkshire venue only.

Warm Bamboo Massage provides a massage which is especially beneficial to muscle tissue while keeping the therapist safe from risk of injury to the joints.

​Bamboo retains heat and gives this extra dimension to the treatment. Heat will help to relax tense muscles and increase circulation when applied to the body.

Available at: Edinburgh/Fife, Glasgow (remote learning only), and NorthYorkshire

Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy is a form of ‘halotherapy’ or therapy using salt; derived from the Greek word halos, meaning salt.

​The main benefit of using these amazing stones is to release negative ions, reducing inflammation in the body. In a similar way to traditional basalt hot stones, Himalayan Salt Stones can be used all over the body. Not only do they deliver superb thermal therapy, they contains 84 minerals that may be absorbed by through the skin.

Available at South Yorkshire only or by remote learning with Gill.

An American massage therapist, Mary Nelson, was the founder of the original hot stone therapy which she called 'LaStone'. Mary wanted to continue her therapy practice while easing her stiff and painful wrist joints. Using the stones to massage achieved this goal, while also enhancing the massage treatment.

Available at all venues.

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