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Chakra Healing home study

Chakra Healing home study


Chakra Healing home study course


Cost: £100

  • The treatment includes:

    Grounding your client

    Aura cleanse

    Chakra balance using a pendulum

    Additional options:

    • use of crystals
    • use of essential oils
    • meditation
    • colour breathing
  • Course objectives

    Lesson 1


    Principles of Chakra Healing

    The Base Chakra

    Lesson 2

    The Sacral Chakra

    Creating Sacred Space   

    Lesson 3

    The Solar Plexus Chakra 

    The Aura

    Lesson 4

    The Heart Chakra

    Chakra Symbolism

    Lesson 5

    The Throat Chakra



    Colour Breathing

    Lesson 6

    The Third Eye Chakra

    Using a Pendulum

    Lesson 7

    Crown Chakra

    The Consultation Process

    Lesson 8

    Other Chakras

    The Chakra Healing Treatment

  • Need to know

    Study type: home study at your own pace - no start date or time limit.

    Course pre-requisites: none

    Accreditation: IGCT

    Also available as an in person course.

  • Progression

  • Terms & Conditions

    Always read full Terms & Conditions

  • Reviews

    Brilliant online training and tuition towards a Chakra Healing Diploma. Extremely detailed and thorough lessons, with thought-provoking and engaging assessments.

    Incredibly comprehensive and quick marking enabled a truly fast-tracked course. Great for students who are prepared to put in the hours.

    Cannot recommend highly enough.


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